WALT MORTON, author of dark fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal tales.

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"Debut novelist Morton tells a gloriously macabre young-adult tale about the difficulties of being a teenage ghoul in the 1970s... pairs the darker aspects of life in high school with the lighter aspects of cannibalism, including details that range from humorous, poignant reflections on monster movies to quirky details of grave robbing. Howard's very human struggle to find acceptance explores whether being a monster is in fact a choice. The ending will likely leave readers happy and delightfully disturbed. Once readers dig up this clever supernatural story, they won't want to put it down."


"With AMERICAN GHOUL, Walt Morton has created a universally relatable New Jersey high school setting in which to plunk down outsider Howard Pickman. Howard struggles with his ghoulish burden, but it proves to be his greatest strength. An immensely compelling story that stays in your mind long after you've finished reading."
-- Julia Dray, Film Producer

"Funny, scary, and moving. American Ghoul is a fast-paced thriller and coming of age story. Set in the 1970's amidst high school, muscle cars and punk rock is a teenager trying to find his way. The main character Howard is a likable kid trying to do his best as he battles his true nature; but he needs his true nature to survive. His best friend and band mate Sebastian is hilariously quotable as he constantly rages against the machine. Granny is blast as well as an unlikely, quirky voice of occasional reason. Reminiscent of Heathers, this book explores what it is like to feel like an awkward monster and looks at just who the real monsters are. It is humorous, sometimes dark, and filled with witty social commentary. A fun read for teens and their parents who will appreciate the nostalgia for the '70s." - KMD, San Francisco

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